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This is an era where Turkey is experiencing an unstoppable growth in it’s music sector; and its greatest highlight for the electronic music scene is undoubtedly Akın Sevgör. One and a half year after the release of his first album ArsNova, Sevgör is greeting the new season with a brand new EP: Routine.

Sevgör, who was born in 1989 in Ankara, studied in conservatory, earned the disciplined attitude of classical music and brewed a passion for electronic music, has released his first album ArsNova in February 2016. The album was well received and he performed at some of the major venues and festivals, accumulating more renown. He also composed the original score for the sensational 2017 internet series “Fi”. The title “Vanity Corner” from his first album became the opening theme for the series and his name became even more popular.

Now, Akın Sevgör is back to meet his ever growing and ever curious fans with a brand new EP called “Routine”. Sevgör is stepping up his unique sound that consists of traditional Turkish and Western melodies with a touch of minimal electronic music in his new EP consisting of four new tracks called “Geometric”, “Waves”, “Another Bond” and “Routine”, which the EP was named after. “Routine” is sure to become a jewel in your playlists.

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