Eskiz are reflecting perfectly the mood of today's turkish youth and underground scene. Known as "the band that -spiritually- meets Erkin Koray and Pete Townshend around a "rakı table”, they are merging psychedelia to garage sounds. Formed by Deniz Ağan (vocals & guitars), Can Tunaboylu (bass), Uygar Çetiner (drums), winners of 2010 Roxy Music Days -newcomer bands contest-, they released their debut album “Kimsenin Ruhu Duymaz” (2014), followed by a 4-track-EP “Türkçe Sözlü Ağır Müzik” listed among the bests of the year 2015. Before 2016 ends a selection LP “Sallan Yuvarlan” came out, including 8-tracks handpicked by the band themselves taking songs from their previous digital releases into physical world, on vinyl. Never enough, no reason to stop! Right after, their second studio album “Beterin Beteri Var” came with a larger spectrum of songwriting within their solid rock attitude flirting with key elements (and tricks) of popular music history. Their energetic stage performance is a must to see !

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