Born in İzmir,Turkey, Alp Ersönmez is a group member of such bands as İlhan Erşahin’s İstanbul Sessions, MadenÖktemErsönmez, İlhan Erşahin’s Wonderland feat. Hüsnü Şenlendirici and FOURinthePOCKET. He is also the bass player of the Turkish pop icon Tarkan, singer/songwriter Nil Karaibrahimgil and he is the MD in the band of Turkish pop star Yalın. His list of live and studio performances include names like Kangroove, Erkan Oğur -Telvin, Uzaktaki Müzik (with Erkan Oğur and Derya Türkan), Dilek Türkan, Quartet Muartet, Erik Truffaz, Wax Poetic, Alexandre Tassel, Aydın Esen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Butch Morris, Eddie Henderson, Athena, Arto Tunçboyacıyan, Papa Dee (Brooklyn Funk Essentials), Dj.Logic, Cahit Berkay of Moğollar, Karina Zeviani (of Thievery Corporation and Nouvelle Vague), Clark Gayton, Kenan Doğulu, Sertab Erener (the winner of 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with the song“Every Way That I Can”), Önder Focan and Lost Songs of Anatolia.He also has performed on numerous pop albums, soundtracks and compilations which has been released worldwide. He arranged, played bass and keyboards on Turkey’s major ska/rock band Athena’s 2010 album, “Pis”. He also is the arranger and co-producer of Dilek Türkan’s “Suya Söyledim” album, 2015.

Alp Ersönmez’s debut album “Yazısız (2011)” contains his compositions which are products of mixture of styles, put together with the help of the contemporary musical conceptions and capabilities of the modern harmonic textures.Names like Erik Truffaz, Erkan Oğur, İmer Demirer, Sibel Köse and Akın Eldes have contributed to the album besides Turgut Alp Bekoğlu on drums and Genco Arı on Rhodes and synth.

His new project “Cereyanlı” is an electro/jazz concept, in which the jazz compositions are played with the help of the electronics,loopers and computer.