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“Gentlemen, the only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it's possible“. When Charles Kingsleigh is right, he is right. Although there was no time for Wonderland, Alice Francis has made the impossible possible in the studio and are now back with their new album "Electric Shock".

During their almost three-year world tour, which brought the trio performances across Europe, Canada and even Russia, (where they performed among stars like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, and Public Enemy), lead singer Miss Francis, producer Goldielocks and one-man- choir Sir Chul Min Yoo were fiddling in hotel rooms, elegant frequent- flyer lounges or even cut off from the rest of the world in a secluded mountain cabin to work on their new long player. After three more months in the studio they finished the record, which was then mastered in the legendary Sterling sound-studios in New York, and now is ready under the name of "Electric Shock".

If something shocks it is probably the circumstance; how incredibly easily the music can go to the ear while avoiding all usual genre definitions skilfully. Miss Francis plays no small part in this with her phenomenal voice. For the first four songs from the new album alone ("too damn hot", "getting cross", " Baptized " and "Beautiful Pain") you would need 4 different singers who are not Miss Francis. Whether as a roaring 20’s vamp, soothing melange of Kelis and Missy Elliott or as an expert in quiet tones - the front woman of Tanzanian Romanian roots is blessed with multiple vocal talents and singing techniques.

One thing is equally unmistakable: with their second album, the three

push the boundaries as far as the stamp electro-swing sound will allow (Going even further than Debut LP "St. James Ballroom"). And in this way they come closer to their almost unattainable ideal of their "own sound". On "Electric Shock" the mixture of mechanical and contemporary digital sound sources succeed better than ever before.

During their travels the global music diplomats brought lots of exotic and unusual instruments; This has resulted in changing the range of musical influences. You find traces and elements of Blues, swing, pop, House, raga and yes, even classical music on "Electric Shock".

The fact that their passion for the culture of the 1920 & 30s on "Electric Shock" shines through, is nevertheless, no accident. However, Alice Francis have absolutely no interest in a resurgence of bygone times. They care only for the fact that what still swings today simply does not fall into oblivion. Nevertheless, thanks to Alice Francis time traveling is no longer of the impossible anymore....

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